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Service manuals,electronic components datasheets and equipment schematics database

Here you can find free datasheets, service manuals, schema, schematic diagrams and software downloads, service menu and mode information, code calculators for many brands of equipment.

An association which federates more than 2500 members around a common passion: know, restore, protect, collect the radio sets, as well as any objects and documents related to the transmission, the recording and the reproduction of the sound and the image.

A reference web site, very complete, with advertisements, links, radiosets, old advertising, other informations... If you need to identify a radioset, go on this web site. It is sometimes a little bit difficult to browse but with a little perseverance, you generally find what you search (in French).


A very beautiful web site which shows a lot of beautiful radiosets and also a lot of links, etc. For those who look for a dial, you'll find some of it for some radiosets (in English).

An Italian website dedicated to Italian and foreign radio sets. A lot of informations available. And Sophie (it is the cat on the radio) is very nice! (in Italian)

There is an English page which explains the content of the web site.

A.R.C. is published for people involved in the radio collecting hobby. Its purpose is to stimulate growth of the hobby through the buying, selling and trading of radios and related items, and to provide a monthly forum for the interchange of ideas and information.

A web site that I recommend, particularly for those who want to restore a radioset with tubes and others old electronic equipments. You'll learn to how to redo the armour plating of a tube, how to decode the marking of old electronic components. You'll find also some on-line tools (in French).

The Vintage & Military Amateur Radio Society (VMARS) is based in the UK, but with an international reach. It was set up in 1999 to:

    Encourage the conservation, restoration and use of ‘classic’ electronic equipment, with a principal focus on wireless techniques, whether applied to communications, RADAR or other pulsed signalling systems—but not neglecting line communication, audio recording, mine detecting and so on.

    Encourage recording of electronics related history.

    Preserve the knowledge and skills in this domain.

(in English)

A nice site in which you will find, besides the usual gallery of radiosets, some diagrams, jackets of books, advertisements, pictures of other old electronic equipment (in French).

Simply amazing! Particularly, You will find on Claude Paillard's web site a video about the home-made manufacturing of a triode. Really, it's worth the trip. Hats off ! There is not only the video. There is also a fascinating history of electronics and vacuum tubes and very complete and fascinating electronics (in French).

You can see the video on

A teeming and lively web site from Mr. Michel Terrier. Lively because there is not only pictures of radioset but also a lot of hints, tips, advices about recent electronic products and also diagrams of electronic equipments to do by yourself (for example, power amplifiers). A lot of reading and pleasure in perspective for those who discover this web site (in French).


In this web site, you will find, besides numerous information about the radio in Belgium, a lot of good advices about the restoration of tubes, the renovation of the armour plating of tubes, etc. and especially, an interesting page about the restoration of the radio set cabinets (in French).

Many of Mr. Jean - François Gautier's very beautiful portable radioset (in French). Unfortunately, the site doesn't exist anymore.


Very good web site with the possibility to download service manuals and schematics (in English).

ABCelectronique is one of the oldest French general electronic forum I know. Over time, the atmosphere has deteriorated. Now (2015), if you have trouble supporting interventions outside subjects and battles of ego, then go on Futura Science (in French).

Over time, Futura Science has become a reference site in scientific and technical fields. Its numerous forums are well known and, above all, well moderate. So, discussions are more peaceful and more constructive than ABCelectronique (see above). Note that many of the best experts of ABCelectronique are also involved on Futura forums (in French).