Geiger counter PC-GM5 and PC-GM6 program.


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This program is for the very low consumption Geiger Muller counter PC-GM5 or PC-GM6. These pages give all information to build the hardware part of the counter. For information, the current consumption the counter is around 30µA in normal mode.

To download the program on the counter, you must use a JTAG probe MSP-FET430UIF.

Program for the Geiger Muller counter PC-GM5 and PC-GM6

Version 1.3: This program carries out a Count Per Minute (CPM) and a count by 24H. It displays the number of CPM and the average of pulse per 24H (At the end of 24 hours, otherwise, since the starting up of the counter). It displays the result in µSv.h on the basis of the CPM and on the average of the counting per 24H. Eventually, you have to adjust the "conversion factor" value (CPM <-> µSv/h) according to your Geiger-Muller tube. The couting is sent to the host by the serial port com (USB emulated). In this way, you can make your statistics on your computer by using the GeigerPC software.


You'll find in the directory ...\release\exe:

  • The exe files Geiger1_bargraph.a43 and geiger1_bargraph.txt for the version with bargraph management (__FIX_PCB_BARGRAPH TRUE in lcd.h)
  • The exe files Geiger1.a43 and geiger1.txt for the version without bargraph management (__FIX_PCB_BARGRAPH FALSE in lcd.h)

image image


The counter displays data on a dedicated LCD display. The image above (click to enlarge) shows how the display is used in normal operation. Pushbuttons allow to interact with the GM counter to validate the alarms, the errors and to change some settings. For clarification, see the documentation (in French).

display Display with the not modified PCB.
Display with modified PCB. Use with the bargraph version software.

Technical documentation

Environment and target platform


Communication with the counter

Serial link (COMx), 9600bps, 8 bits, 1 stop, Parity none.


Described in the functionnal documentation (in French) and the page dedicated to the GeigerPC software.


Known Bugs

You can report the bugs of the program by using the "contact" on the home page.