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PCCAM : communication software with smartcards


PCCAM is a software used to communicate with the smartcards (asynchronous). It is use with the training that I give in some circumstances. Its main functionalities are:

The program is (always) under development. Don't hesitate to check if a new version is available. The developments ongoing are:

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Version 0.2.25: for Windows (32 bits) XP, 7, 10 (2015/10)





preference Application main screen. Main menu and toolbar, information pannel, trace window. The main menu and the toolbar give access to the main functions of the application : reader choice, reset (cold, warm and simulated), decoding functions, editing functions, help for some ISO or specific card commands, RSA key generation, etc.

preference Preferences window. Allow to choose the language, the user data directory and other options.

lecteur Reader choice for each context. For serial readers (RS232), you must choose the COM port. For PC/SC readers, you must choice the reader in a list for the current context.

macro-commandes Windows for scripts. You can verify the syntax, execute the script step by step or in continuous mode.

MAP B4B0 Map function. Interpretation example of an old M4 card (one of the first microprocessor card proposed by Bull-CP8 in 1983). Available for other cards (EMV, SIM).

Banking analyzer Application decoding. Display in clear text the content of a card. In this example, it is a banking card B4B0' used in France from 1986 to 2007.

MAP SIM Other example of application decoding for a EMV card.

Simulated card The application proposes the creation of non personnalized simulated card (M4, B4, M9). An editor allows to fill the manufacturing data.

Edit Tableau The application proposes some variables usable in scripts.

generation RSA The application proposes a RSA key generator and a tool to test the keys.

Information about the version 0.2.254 of PCCAM

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Known bugs

You can report the bugs of the program by using the "contact" on the home page.. For more information about known bugs, see the French page.