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Advices for repairing antique radios with vacuum tubes img

Informations concerning the old electronic components img

Advices for buying or selling old radios img

Software Defined Radio, a brief introduction img



Advices about HI-FI: Jargon of HiFi, power amplifier, speakers, vacuum tubes or transistors power amplifier repairing  img

Advices for buying old power amplifiers img

The "petit livre d'or de l'acoustique" issued by 3A company (which disappeared in 1980s) img

Repairing power amplifiers with transitors or vacuum tubes img

Direct access to the software GeigerPC to manage the very low power Geiger-Muller counters (GMC) PC-GM3, PC-GM4, PC-GM5 PC-GM6 and PC-GM8. You'll find also some information on Geiger Muller Counter and how to measure radiations. img

Direct access to the software PCCAM to manage smart-cards img


Download: User manuals, schematics, tuning dials, old advertisings, infocards...img

Testimony from visitors img

My motivations: Why I'm interrested by these technical objectsimg

Personal web site. You'll find some informations about the family Chour, Laruelle, Van den Eynde as well as some informations about the companies Quilllery St Maur and the Comptoir Lyon Alemand. Also, You'll find a document about the first world war (14-18) which has been writen by my granduncle img

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