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CHOUR - Very low power Geiger-Muller counter PC-GM8


Device: Geiger counter
Date: 2013-2016
Type: PC-GM8
Brand: Chour
Main parts: GM Tube SBM20 or LND712, MSP430FR4133 Texas Instrument family processor, Imex module for High Voltage, e-paper and LCD display
Main characteristic: Average power consumption arround 60~80µA.
Software: Downloading page.

Version française : img

Product details

PC-GM8 is a Geiger-Muller counter with the following features :

The technical documentation is available on that French page. The source code of the counter is available on that page. The GeigerPC Software for Windows is available on that page. It can be used to manage PC-GM2..8 Geiger counters.

Technical views

Schematic and PCB


img PCB

Modules used

img  img
FTDI232 LIPO charger

img  img
High Voltage Module generator from IMEX and its documentation (in French) and the e-paper display

img Analog part

Truth table for the LED/BUZZER command

A1=0B1=KbD1 = KbCâblé. B1 suit la valeur de Kb/G1. Sortie signal.
A2=0=AL_BUZB2=0=EN_BUZD2 = 0Buzzer Off (no alarm or sound information).
A2=1=AL_BUZB2=1=EN_BUZD2 = 1Buzzer sounds. Used to generate an audible alarm.
A2=0=AL_BUZB2=1=EN_BUZD2 = Kb/G1Buzzer On. An audible signal is produced when a particle is detected.
A3=0=AL_LEDB3=0=EN_LEDD3 = 0LED Off (no alarm or visual information).
A3=1=AL_LEDB3=1=EN_LEDD3 = 1LED On. Used to generate a visual alarm.
A3=0=AL_LEDB3=1=EN_LEDD3 = Kb/G1LED On. A light pulse is produced when a particle is detected.

Some pictures

img a venir
Inside the counter


ModuleµP GPIO ModuleµP GPIO
Rx (FTDI232)P1.0 TxTx (FTDI32)P1.1 Rx
Sleep (FTDI232)P8.1DETECT1P8.2 (Timer 1)
S3 (Momentary switch)P1.7S1 (A switch)P2.7
S2 (B switch)P2.5BatEnP8.3
BatVoltP1.3MOSI (e-paper)P5.2
CLK (e-paper)P5.1CS (e-paper)P5.3
D/C (e-paper)P5.0RST (e-paper)P1.4
BUSY (e-paper)P1.5
µP GPIOModule µP GPIOModule
P1.0 TxRx (FTDI232)P1.1 RxTx (FTDI32)
P1.4RST (e-paper)P1.5BUSY (e-paper)
P1.6AL_BUZP1.7S3 (momentary switch)
P2.5S2 (B du switch)P2.6
P2.7S1 (A du switch)P5.0DC (e-paper)
P5.1 (SCLK)CLK (e-paper)P5.2MOSI (e-paper)
P5.3CS (e-paper)P8.0AL_LED
P8.1Sleep (FTDI232)P8.2DETECT1

Connections between then analog part and the processor part.