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CHOUR - Very low power Geiger Muller counter PC-GM4


Device : Geiger Muller counter
Date : 2013-2015
Type : PC-GM4
Brand : Chour
Main parts: GM Tube SBM20, MSP430 Texas Instrument family processor, Imex module for High Voltage
Main characteristic : Average power consumption around 20µA.
Software : Downloading page.

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PC-GM4 is a low consumption Geiger-Muller counter wich was the prototype for PC-GM3. So there is very little differences between the two counters. In particular, the software and the schematic of the logic part (processor) are identical. The only differences are:

These last two devices consume power and should not be used when using type "surveillance"

Analog schematic part

detection, couting, communication and power supply schematic (clic to enlarge)

pcgm4 int

pcgm4 int