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Document written by 3a company about accoustics in the 1970s (pdf). Size: 2,6Mo  (in French)



ACER was a shop which proposed some electronic equipments. The speakers describes in the document has been designed by G.A. Briggs for 24cm Wharfedale loudspeaker. We also can put on it Supravox loudspeaker as T245 or others.



Schématic from Eurelec of the radio AEG Carina.




schematic. Contact me if you don't find these documents on the Internet.



Schematic from Eurelec of the radio Allocchio Bracchini - mod. 2011.

Schematic from Eurelec of the radio Allocchio Bracchini - mod. 2012.

Schematic from Eurelec of the radio Allocchio Bracchini - mod. 2020.




schematic. Contact me if you don't find these documents on the Internet.



Catalog Audax 90-6 : Charateristics of the speakers PR38S100, HD33S66, HD30P45 TSMC, HIF30HSMC, MHD24S66USM, HIF24JSM2 CA12, MHD21P37RSM, MHD21B37R, HIF20JSMSPK, PR17R37TSM, MHD17HR37RSM, MHD17B25R2CP12, MHD17P25JSM2CA12, HIF13J2CA12, MHD12P25FSM, HD13D37R, HD13D34H, PR130P20HR, HD12 x 9D25, HD100D25, HD11 x 10D25 SP, TW8B.
Speakers enclosure :PRO38 crossover FP38, PRO33 crossover FP33, PRO24 crossover FP24, K3-60 crossover FK3-60, K3-50 crossover FK3-50, K2-50 crossover FK2-50, K2-40 crossover FK2-40, K2-30 crossover FK2-30, K2-25 crossover FK2-25, KTRI70 crossover FKTRI70.
The Kit : KIT BEX40, KIT32, KIT42, KIT53, KIT63, KIT73
This catalog is a donation of a Tahitian surfer, French Polynesia.

Doc n° 801: Principles, calculus and realisation methods for speakers. Audax technical document number 801, november 1962. You can find informations about following loudspeaker: T19PA12, T21PA12, T24PA12, WRF15, T16-24 PA12, T21-32 PA12, T21-32 PA15 (in French).

Doc n°984: General recommendation for bass reflex construction and speaker specifications for T17PRA12, T17PRA15, T19PA12, T19PA15, T21PA12, T21PA15, T21PRA12, T21PRA15, T24PA12, T24PA15, WFR15, WFR12, WFR24, HIF13E, T30PA16, F30PA12, TA34A, T16-24 PA12, T21-32 PA12, T21-32 PA15, TW5G, TW6G, TW6BI, TW9G, TW9BI, TW8B, TW80.
Also, You can find the documentation for Audimax 1 à 5  loud speaker (in French).

Characteristic of some Audax Speakers and kits : 5CISB, 6CISB, 7CISB, 8CISC, 9CISC, BT9G, 10CISB, CAR11EB, F11PA16, FER11EB, AM12G, FER12G, BT12BI, FER17G, DEC17B, DEC17BP, FER16EB, INV19B, DEC20BP, SON20BF, DEC21B, WFR15S, WFR24, 7x13CISC, 7x18CISD, 8x12CISC, FER10x15G, FER10x16G, FER10x18G, FER12x19G, FER12x19EB, DEC12x19B, FER15x21E, DEC15x21B, FER7x2EB, T16-24PA12, T16-24PA15, T21-32PA15, T21-23PA15, SON21x32E, HIF87BSM, HIF8B, HD11P25F, HD11P25J, HIF11FSM, HIF11JSM, WFR12, HIF12B, HIF12EB, HIF13F, HIF13J, HIF13H, HIF13EB, HIF13B25J, HIF13B25H, HIF17F, HIF17H, HIF17JS, HIF17HS, HD17B25J, HD17B25H, HD17B37R, HD20P34HM, HD20B25J, HD20B25H, HIF20FSM, HIF20JSM, HIF20HSM, HIF21F, HIF21H, HIF21B37R, HIF24FC, HIF24H, HIF24HS, HIF24JSM-C, HIF24FSM-C, HD24S45-C, HD24S34H-C, HIF30HSMC, HD33S66, HD35S66, HD38S100, HD21.32S45, HD30P45TSM-C, MHD10P25FSM, MHD12P25FSM, MHD12P25FSM-SQ, MHD17B25J, MHD17B25R, MHD17B37R, MHD17B37T, MHD17HR37TSM, MHD17HR37RSM, MHD21B37R, MHD21B25J, MHD21B25R, MHD21P25FSM, MHD21P25JSM, MHD21P37JSM, MHD24P25FSM, MHD24P25JSM, MHD24P25RSM, MHD24P37RSM, MHD24P37TSM, MHD24P45TSM, MHD24P66USM, HD13D34E, HD13D34H, HD13D37, HD88D19MK, HD94D25MK, HD9x8D25, HD12.9D25, HD100D25, TW8B, TW85BI, TW54GM, TW65BIM, TW9.7BI, TW10E, TW800, 19PA15, 21PA12, 21PA15, 24PA12, 24PA15, SON28A, SON30HGuitare, PR33S100, PR38S100.

Kits: KIT31, KIT41, KIT51, KIT101, KITBEX, K.4-150, K.3-90, K.3-60, K.3-50, K.2-50, K.2-40, K.2-30, K.Z-25.

Audimax 220, Sonosphère SP12, Satellite/1.



Schematic from Eurelec of the radio Autovox RT 51.

Schematic from Eurelec of the radio Autovox Transmobil 2 mod. TR222.



The AY8500 has been designed in the1970s (if I remember) to make a tennis game on the television (two rackets, a square ball...). The downloadable document contains the component application schematic a some assembly advices (pdf). Size : 700ko.




Bang & Olufsen Beolab 5000 power amplifier schematic (jpeg). Size: 470 ko.



User manual of the BECKMAN T100 et T110.



Schematic from Eurelec of the Blaupunkt autoradio mod. Westerland.



Model 1801-1800

schematic. Contact me if you don't find these documents on the Internet



The schematic of the Bouyer ST75  60W power amplifier with vacuum tubes  (jpg). Size 220ko. From the book  "amplification BF" written by  R. Besson. Seer here.



Schematic from Eurelec of the radio Braun Taschenempfänger T4.

Schematic from Eurelec of the radio Braun Taschenempfänger T31.

Schematic from Eurelec of the radio Braun Transistor K.



Characteriscs of some BST speakers (1982): DMT100, DMT500, HT351, HT371S, KSN1016A, KSN1005A, KSN1036A, PF5M, PF605M, DM195, PF403, PF85, PF81, PF100, PF120, PF1250, PF155.

Filters : 25B, 45C, NW55, 75C.



Multimeter 470. Cartex is the former name of Metrix.




Characteriscs of some CELESTION speakers (1982) : G815, G1020, G1060, G1250, G1250TC, G1265, G1280, G12100, G12100TC, G12125, G15100PE, G15100TC, G18200, G18200CE, G18250, PCEL12-150, PCEL15-250, DC50, DC100, HF20, MH1000, TWINMH1000, HORN1, HORN2.

Filtres : X01, X02, X03, X04



multimeter type 311. See also catalogue Cibot for other equipments.



The User manual of Chauvin & Arnoux Polymètre type 24. Size: About 400ko (in French)



Cibot was a French electronic components reseller in Paris. The 1982 Cibot Radio catalog.



Mini computer MITRA 15-35 documentation (around 1970).



User manual and downloading of PCCAM. This software proposes a framework to dialog with the smartcards. It is partly trasnlated in Globish.

GeigerPC is an application for the Geiger Muller Counter PC-GM2 (in French), PC-GM3, PC-GM4, PC-GM5 et PC-GM6.

Software downloading for the Geiger Muller counter PC-GM2.

Software downloading for the Geiger Muller counters PC-GM3/4.

Software downloading for the Geiger Muller counters PC-GM5/6.

Software downloading for the Geiger Muller counters PC-GM8.

Software downloading for the Geiger Muller counters PC-GM9.

VCF <-> Contact Conversion (single VCF in multiple VCF, multiple VCF in single VCF...). Software downloading (in French).

A very good document written by myself (!) about HiFi, speakers, power amplifier,1997-2020 (in French)

An other very good document written by myself (!) about power amplifier repairing, (in French)



Catalog 1963 of the electronic components resseler Cogerel, a subsidiary of Thomson C.S.F.



Tube tester.



Schematic from Eurelec of the radio Continental mod. TR100.

Schematic from Eurelec of the radio Continental mod. TR208.

CRAY Research


Cray one documentation from Electricité de France.



Schematic from Eurelec of the radio Crown mod. 666.

Schematic from Eurelec of the radio Crown mod. TR820.




SS 730 Service Manual

Stereo system SS730 Service manual. Contact me.



Ducretet L956 service manual with electronic parts, alignment procedure and schematic (.pdf). The schematic itself is not easy to read. I redrew the schematic for my own need when I was reparing my own DucretetL956. It is available in four parts (.emf).




Informations about vacuum tubes. Very good overview. Elektor 1984. Size: 1Mo (in French).

Some "infocards" from the Elektor magazine about power supply, integrated references of old integrated circuits, etc. (in French).

This low cost power supply is able to provide 0 to 30V (or more depending of the main transformer. Maximum 70V). The maximum current depend of the ballast transistors (typically, 1 to 2A).

I found the schematic on some anglo-saxon web sites mais the author was never mentionned. The schematic comes from the magazine Elektor, N°49-50, July-August 1982. (in French)



A link to a page where you'll find the schematics, the courses and advertising from EURELEC company.  EURELEC proposed correspondence courses from 1950s to 1970s (in French).



Schematic the tuner ESART S12C.




Stereo recorder (advertising).



Filson Stéreo Power amplifier CV24S



Speakers 12V726, 12V726DB, AUDIOM 12VX, AUDIOM 15VX, 10V516J, 10K516J, 10K617, 10K515, TC90Tdx, TC120tdx, TN46, 4V211, TC90K KEVLAR, TC120K KEVLAR, TC90Td TIOXID, TC120Td TIOXID, 5K413S, 5K013L, 5N411L, 4N412DBL, 4K211, 5N313, 5V323, 5K023, 6V415, 6K412L, 7V014DBL, 7K011DBL, 5V412DBL, 6V013, 6V011DBL, 6K011DBL, 7V313, AUDIOM 7K, 8V012DB, 8K011DB, 7V013, 7N515, 7V412, 7K415.



LECAM technical specifications (part 1) and interface specificationset spécifications.

LECAM User manual




Goodmans products year 1969:
power amplifier MAXAMP 30,Tuner STEREOMAX, Turn table MT1000, loudsspeakers MAXIM, MAMBO, MARIMBA, MEZZO II, MAGNUM-K, ELEGANZIA II, AXIETTE 8, TWINAXIETTE 8, AXIOM 80, AXIOM 10, AXIOM 201, AXIOM 301, TRIAXIOM 212c, TRIAXIOM 1220c, TREBAX 100, TREBAX 5K/20XL, MIDAX 650, AUDIOM 51, AUDIOM 61, AUDIOM 81, AUDIOM 91, cross over and et attenuators XO/5000, XO/950, XO/950/5000, A.R.U 172 (Accoustical Resistance Unit),



Schematic from Eurelec of the radio Graetz Joker 834.

Schematic from Eurelec of the radio Graetz Susi 830.



Grundig Satellit 2400 radio-set schematic and user manual (image jpeg). Size: 5Mo.




The famous "Les secrets de la radio et de la télévision dévoilés aux débutants" from the "Le Haut Parleur" magazine. They are here some documents (n° 1252...1270) dedicated to speakers. Scanned with the advertising of that time (Renaudot, B.G. Ménager, Infra, Filtrocal, Garrard, Self-radio...). In French.



schematic of the electronic volmeter IM25.

The User manual (pdf, 2.3Mo) and schematic (jpg) of Heathkit IT12 Signal Tracer.

The schematic of the Heathkit Grip-Dip GD1A proposed in the EURELEC courses.

The schematic of the Heathkit electronic voltmeter V5 proposed in the EURELEC courses.

The schematic of the Heathkit electronic voltmeter AV1 proposed in the EURELEC courses.



Characteristics of some HECO speakers (1982): TC305, TC256, TC246, TC206, TC136, KMC 52-6, KMC 38-6, KHC 25-6, KHC 19-6, HN 744, HN 743, HN 742.



Distortiometer HP334a. The first serie of the documentation is available on the web site This documentation come from the US Army (Military Manual for HP 334A Distortion Analyzer. Compliments of Rodney Bunt, VK2KTZ). The second documentation come from HP and it was available on this web site Some pictures of this equipment are available on this web site (here)



The schematic of the Hi-Fi Hi-Tone H225 power amplifier with vacuum tube.  2x30W, 0,1%  distorsion. From the book  "amplification BF" written by  R. Besson. See here.




Characteristics of some ITT speakers  (1982): Quelques caractéristiques de haut-parleurs ITT (1982, catalogue Cibot) : LPH57, LPH77S, LPKH70, LPKMH25, LPKH75, LPM101C, LPM131, LPKM37S, LPKM50FF, LPM140C, LPT100, LPT130S, LPT170FG, LPT180FS, LPT201FS, LPT200, LPT210FSC, LPT246FS, LPT260FS, LPT300, LPT270FC, LPT330FS, LPT370FC, LPT280P, LPBH128.

Filters : FH2/40, FH2/60, FH3/60

Kits : BK5-90, BK3-90, BK5-120




The schematic of the JACKSON TV-G1 generator proposed in the EURELEC courses.



The initial schematic comes from It has few mistakes and does not describe the power supply. The schematic which can be downloaded here corrects the mistakes and describes the power supply which is a little bit... unusual (jpg). Taille 240ko.



JVC VR5515LX AM-FM receiver and power amplifier: user manual (French, English, German) in html, schematic (jpg, size:1,2Mo) and power supply (pdf, size:175ko).  




Korting MK108 stereo recorder


LED (magazine)


Schematic of the 3 ways (not 2.1) active crossover from LED n°170 (March/April 2002) used by my Triphonic amplifier.



HF signal generator.



Schematic from Eurelec of the radio Loewe Opta Dandy.

Schematic from Eurelec of the radio Loewe Opta Dolly.

Schematic from Eurelec of the radio Loewe Opta Lissy.

Schematic from Eurelec of the radio Loewe Opta Lord 4930.

Schematic from Eurelec of the radio Loewe Opta Lord 5930.



Service manual of the hybrid power amplifier LV105. Very close of the LV103.


schematic. Contact me if you don't find these documents on the Internet.




L48 A Lampemetre User manual (html) and measurement protocol. Size: 250ko  (in French).



Power amplifier class A/AB PM80 service manual. Don't confuse with the PM80MKII.

dc1010, 1020
SR1030, 1040

schematic. Contact me if you don't find these documents on the Internet.



HFM10 Schematic.



METRIX 310 Tubetester User manual and measurement protocol (in progress, 5Mo). A documentation was available on

Oscilloscope METRIX OX170 user manual and service manual. Many thanks to Jean-Noël / F1PNH for the contribution (pdf, 1,2Mo and 900ko).



Someone send me some documents about the French speakers Morgane Etude IV, manufactured in the 1980s. You'll find the datasheet and an extract of the magazine "Revue du Son" of december 1985.




Schematic of the OK138  signal-tracer (Office du Kit) without the mistakes of the orginal schematic. A signal injector is also available.




AT3507V power amplifier schematic (pdf, 800ko) and user manual (pdf, 2,5Mo) AT3507V that you can see on this web site.

T3411 Tuner schematic (jpg, 1,2Mo) that you can see on this web site. The orginal schematic can be download at (you must be registred). The one that I put for downloading here was re-worked in order to be more usable.



Perlor Radio lampemetre user manual and schematic (abstract from the original user manual).



The schematic of Philips RH 521 power amplifier (jpg). Size: 900ko.

TV PRS01474 T-04 629 CM8852 / CM8832 (pdf, 3,5Mo).

User manual and service manual of the Philips PM 6667 and 6668  frequency counter. Many thanks to Jean-Noël / F1PNH for the contribution.

Schematic from Eurelec for the radio Philips L0X90T.

Schematic from Eurelec for the radio Philips L0X95T.

Schematic from Eurelec for the radio Philips L1D90T.

Schematic from Eurelec for the radio Philips L1X75T.

Schematic from Eurelec for the radio Philips L2X97T.

Schematic from Eurelec for the radio Philips L3D00T.

Schematic from Eurelec for the radio Philips L3X71T.



Pioneer SA900 user manual. There is also the part list and the place of the components on the PCBs.

User manual of the stereo turntable PL-12D in French, German, English.

User manual of the stereo turntable Pioneer PL12-D in French, German, English (pdf).



Universal Remote Control Promo2

Code List and User Manual for the Remote Control Promo2 (French, German, English)



Model 520 Service Manual

Service Manual for the Model 520. Contact me if you don't find that document on the Internet.




A special edition of Radio-plan magazine at the end of 1950s devoted to surplus transceivers. For those who are interested, you can find schematics, explanations, eventually, modifications for BC453, 454, 455, APR4, UKW, BC728, EZ6, R61 ou RR3, BC499, CR100, RM45, R107 (p92 à 96), BC475 et 191, BC1206, BC348, BC224, BC312, WS58, WS19, FUG10 (p144 à 147) radios... an a lot of other practical informations. Page 3 = contents (in french). Given by Bernard Vivinis.



Revox A77 schematic p1, p2, p3, p4, p5, p6, p7, p8, p9

Revox A77 schematic in 9 parts (pdf). Size: 3Mo. You'll can find other information on that ftp site :



RX402 (power amplifier and tuner) user manual (French and German) and schematic.



Characterisics of some RTC speakers (1982): AD0211/Sq8, AD5060/Sq8, AD5061/Sq8, AD0141/T8, AD0163/T8, AD1605/T8, AD2273/T8, AD5060/W8, AD7066/W8, AD80601/W8, AD80651/W8, AD80671/W8, AD065/W8, AD10100/W8, AD12600/W8, AD12650/W8, AD12200/W8, AD12250/W8, AD15240/W8, AD5061.M8, AD7062/M8, AD7063/M8, AD9710/M8, AD1065/M8, AD1265/M8, AD12100/M8, AD12100/HP8

Kits : ADK0310, ADK2020, ADK2560, ADK3540




Sansui 1000X power amplifier schematic (about 600ko). Part1 and part 2 contain the other pages of the Service Manual (components list, tuning, dismantling, printed circuit...). Size: 3Mo.



schematic for power amplifier with STK441 (jpg), STK070 (jpg), STK016 (pdf).



schematics for the 2xChannels oscilloscopes Schlumberger 5013 and 5023 (in French and English). Size: 1,4Mo.



Loud speakers references, filters schematics, schematic speakers. The references available are: 31TE, 31SPCT, 28SPCS, 25SPCM, 25SPCG3, 205SPCG3, 21CPR3, 21CPG3, 21CP, 17CP, 12CP, 19TSP, 17MSP, 13RSP, 12MC, 10MC, TWZ, TWM2, TWM, TWS, TWO, TW95E, 6TW85, 6TWD, SP31, SP25, P21, F240, F30, F40, F400, F600, F60B, F1000, DELTA200, GALAXIE200. The Davis company has been created by an ex from Siare and proposes some close loud speakers. In French.

Enclosure schematics for Siare speakers: Système 1500, Système 1200, Système 1000, Système 800, Système MK80-31, Système MK80-28, Système MK80-22, Système 1002, Système 502. In French.
This catalog is a donation of a Tahitian surfer, French Polynesia



The schematic of  the SIMPSON electronic voltmeter model 303 proposed in the EURELEC courses.



User manual ICF-25/25L

User Manual in French, English and Espanol of the ICF-25/25L receiver.

Service Manual and User Manual of the Subwoofer SA-WM40.



Characterisics of some SUPRAVOX speakers (1982): T175S, T215, T215RTF, T285, T245, T215RTF64, T245HF64, T285HF64. Mots of these loud-speakers are still built. See the Supravox Web Site for more details.




Came too early (1976), 16-bit processor TI 9900 has not succeeded in its place. At the time of the 8 bits processor, it was too expensive. In the first 16 bits of the time, he was too old. Yet it was a nice processor and the first 16 bits monochip.

Datasheet of TMS4116 memory. When I searched this datasheet on the web, I came across bad scan. As this component is still widely used in 2015 (16KBit!), it will always serve somebody.

User manual of the turntable Thorens TD166 MKII in German, French and English. (pdf).

There is also an addendum on the adjustment of the cartridge and the stylus in German, French, English (pdf)



Aisberg was the director of the magazine "Toute la radio". You'll find here the first publication (given by Patrick Guivy).




Universal remote control 5 in 1

Codes list and user manual for the remote control Uniline 5 in 1 (in French).




Ducretet-Thomson L124 Dial

Ducretet-Thomson L124 radio-set dial (doc).

Evernice type 508 Dial

Evernice type 508 radio-set right dial ( jpeg).

Evernice type 508 Dial

Evernice type 508 radio-set right right (jpeg).

Opus 9 Dial left

Opus 9 radio-set. Dial in three parts.  Given by a net surfer (Roland).

Opus 9 Dial centre

The whole dial is 603 mm long and 122 mm height  -  Glass thickness is 3 mm.

Opus 9 Dial right


Pyrus 435 Dial

Pyrus 435 radio-set dial (jpeg). Width=130mm, Height = 135mm. Dial before repair.

Philips Prelude 456A/20 Dial

Philips Prelude 456A/20 radio-set dial (jpeg). Width = 90mm, Height = 108mm. Dial before repair.

Philips Sérénade 555A Dial

Philips Sérénade 555A radio-set dial (jpeg). Width =184mm, Height = 150mm. CDial before repair.

SUGA PR30 Dial

SUGA PR30 radio-set dial (jpeg), 514ko.





Stereo pre-amplifier and power amplifier


Stereo adaptator and radio


Stereo record player


Tuner ESART in OEM


Stereo tape recorder


MK108 Stereo tape recorder


Stylus and power amplifiers


Stereo power amplifier CV24S


Loudspeaker SIFACO 10


Measurement equipments for repairing and tuning. Company Bouchet located in Paris. Equipments designed according to the preconisations of Lucien Chretien.


Universal multimeter type 470. Company located in Annecy.


Universal multimeter type 311. Company located in Annecy.

Ateliers DA et Duthils

Radio-pupitre. Equipment for repairing with a lot of possibilities for the measurement. Company located in Paris.


HF signal Generator, model 100D. Company located in Paris.

Comptoir MB Radiophonique

Lampemetre build by the MB company. Company Located in Paris.


Philoscope type MS42. Measurement bridge.


Universal multimeter Radio-Test-R4.
Universal lampemetre type Major. Company located in Lyon.


Universal multimeter with double dial. Model Polytest.
Heterodyn for alignement, model Master. Company located in Lyon.


A lot of measurement equipment. Company located in Paris.

Société Industrielle Radioélectrique

Frequency meter, model C3.
Oscilloscope, model OSC 3-7
Frequency modulator, model OM2. Comapny located in Paris.


HF signal generator, model A-43.
Electronic voltmeter, model C-43. Company located in Paris.


"Ecole spéciale de TSF et de navigation aérienne" (Special School of radio and air traffic communication). Two addresses. One located in Paris, another in Nice.
"Ecole centrale de TSF" (Central School of Radio). School located in Paris, De La Lune Street. Have a look about the advertising. It's moving due to the lyrism and the confidence in the future. Replace TSF by computer in the text, just for a laugh. If you work in the computer businesses, probably, you' will not laugh!
"Ecole de Radioélectricité et de Télévision" (Radioelectricity and television school), 15 rue du docteur Bergonié, Limoges.